Thank you to all!!! Having been on the maiden voyage we know you set up to be a quality operation. It is great to see that 5 years on you still take pride in keeping the boat well functioning and fixing things as they present. Also good to see Desi – first time a female crew and it works well – she is great! Boat: The cabins are lovely and well appointed. Diving: We know we were lucky with the conditions, however the quality of the sites and the briefings were such that no matter the conditions we enjoyed them. Wawan is an exceptional dive guide, communicator and fabulous relationship manager. Crew: A “well oiled machine”. Each person did their part seamlessly and seemed to genuinely get on. Starts from the top G and Lisa! Sujai and Hairon came to my rescue jumping into water fully clothed (Sujai) and helping me when my tank slipped – with no hesitation – my heroes! Food: The chefs were amazing and responsive to individual needs. We were spoilt!