At 30+ minutes into Manta Sandy I was certain we were going to have more bad luck, but out of nowhere there was a shadow off to the right behind us and a single black reef manta entered the cleaning station. As we were the ‘lazy’ group we were alone there and we watched as the manta circled the station over and over for the next 12 minutes. On its final pass through the station it seemed to come toward us across the corals, then turn its wings and body up then down, swaying forward as if to bow and wave us goodbye. Then it left as silently as it came: an awe-inspiring experience. Thank you. Everyone did a wonderful job. We had a great time and were lucky to have a good dive group and an outstanding crew. Despite being on a liveaboard for over a week, we never felt cramped, on top of one another or overwhelmed. The crew struck the right balance of helpful or ‘present’ but not smothering!! The boat – good size, comfortable and well maintained. The diving – great sites: it was frustrating to delay due to other boats but understandable: it’s too bad other boats and their crew/guests do not follow common acceptable PADI rules! The crew – everyone did a fabulous job: Wawan in particular was a wonderful divemaster! The tender drivers were always helpful and friendly, the stewards were very polite and helpful and the therapists became my local language tutors!! Cruise directors are very enthusiastic about both Arenui and Raja Ampat! Terima kasih!! The food – chefs did a fabulous job: especially dealing with special requests!!