This was a spectacular experience from the fabulous diving, to the beautiful and comfortable boat, to the incredibly friendly and helpful crew and cruise directors. Everything was wonderful – no downside whatsoever. Thanks so much for a great, great trip!! I will be back. J I love little critters and macro photography and our dive guide was wonderful at finding subjects and being patient during photos. But I think the highlight of the trip came on our last day, when we dove with giant mantas. Our guide scouted the reef in healthy current, finding just the right spot to observe these magnificent creatures. This attention to details and customer service is found across the spectrum of activities on the Arenui – simply spectacular. The boat; dive prep area was super – plenty of room for all. Everything is very well designed, efficient and spacious. Extremely comfortable boat – can’t believe two weeks went so fast without feeling need for space. Attention to safety and cleanliness was superb. The diving; fantastic! Really enjoyed the diversity in diving. Guides were wonderful and so were boat crew members. Dive briefings were awesome! Accurate and engaging – great work all around. The crew; absolutely the best, most attentive crew I’ve experienced. Our Cruise Directors were wonderful – friendly, accommodating and helpful with all sorts of things, plus just great fun to be around. They made the trip extra special. The same is true for dive guides, steward (Tony is awesome!) and everyone else – just great!!! The food; amazingly fresh and good food – particularly given our remote location. Crew was super helpful with dietary requests. Chefs are very talented – kudos!