This trip aboard the Arenui has been my best diving experience to date. I celebrated my 200th dive on this trip, while seeing a huge variety of marine life, from a newborn baby pygmy seahorse no bigger than a grain of rice, to seven metre giant mantas. And a pod of dolphins even escorted us back into Sorong harbour at the end of the trip. Well done! You offer a very high level of service for your guests. Stacey and I have been on several different liveaboards and dive operations with different procedures and set ups. Your service level is a point of differentiation for the Arenui. I suppose at the same time it’s possible that some guests become forgetful or complacent and don’t really take responsibility to get themselves prepared to dive. We shared a tender with divers who forgot their dive computers three different times, dive booties, lights and pointer sticks several times. So I offer only constructive criticism and/or something to consider: divers still need to act and be responsible for themselves, even with a high level of service. (Too much of a good thing I suppose!) The boat – very responsive to repair a small maintenance item in our cabin. Thanks again.