Steve and Ann

Number 1 liveaboard: after 14 months of waiting we have just experienced Raja Ampat diving and liveaboard of our dreams. You’ve seen the pictures, then you truly see the mind blowing creature of see the mind blowing creature of the shallow and deep for real. We were awestruck at the amount of fishes, octopuses, crabs, etc!!! The Mantas were here for Andrea Marshall and us all. Majestic special mantas. Let’s not forget teeny tiny seahorses, so small. Wobbegongs, my new all-time favourite. The Arenui made this possible. The most gorgeous ship. Lovely crew and dive staff. Debbie and Jerry are awesome. Great guests. Forever memories and lots of pics! Awesome cabin Shinta. Thank you all, so much!! The boat – wow if I built a boat this would be my cabin.