I would go anywhere with you people! You need to come up with a higher rating system. “Excellent” doesn’t begin to describe how wonderful everything was! Thank you for the gift bag and goodies. Again, attention to detail impeccable. Well done! Everyday was a new adventure filled with wonders of the sea, the warm hospitality of the crew and hanging out with old and new friends. The boat: Love how the culture is brought out throughout the entire boat, ie room names, carvings, batiks. The attention to detail is impeccable and absolutely beautiful. Environmental awareness is top notch. Boat design and layout superb! The diving: WOW! The crew: Entire crew is amazing!!!! Knowledgeable, helpful, happy, courteous, super cute, funny, witty, nice, thoughtful, eager to please, warm and gracious and kind. They all worked together as one solid team. A complete joy to be around all of them. Wawan (homosapien) is a brainiac! The food: Magnificent! My tummy was extremely happy and satisfied! Loved the choices! … STORY: Here are a few memorable moments: A) Day 1, Dive 1 = 40 plus mobula rays and bait ball of anchovies. WOW! B) Making animal noises (monkey, elephant, chicken) for the crew when we returned to the boat after a dive to let them know we were back. Never got old! C) Enjoying the beauty of the islands and all the stars, planets and Milky Way in the night sky. D) Playing hangman with Wawan during safety stops or waiting for the mantas to show up! … Hats off to the entire Arenui team. Well Done!