I am so impressed with Edu!! He helped us with every part of our vacation – diving, camera issues, ear problems, technical help, fixing wetsuits, watches etc. He watched us closely and made sure we saw everything. What a fine person. Arenui should hold on to him. He is a valuable member of your team!!! The environment on the boat was cordial and pleasant. I think this is because the crew genuinely likes each other. Every member is respected. It is a well-functioning team with each team member performing their job expertly. Arenui has defined luxury diving for me! I will be back. Boat; amazing boat for diving. Boat layout is great. Ladder to skiff is very safe. The diving; Edu was a very skilled and careful divemaster. I always felt safe but challenged. The crew; service on the Arenui is excellent. After reading the website my expectation was very high and yet it still exceeded my expectation. I needed some extra help with my dive entry and had help with every dive. Thank you!! Food and beverage; having fruit at every meal and snacks was terrific. Always had non-meat meal for me. Breakfast – great!