The muck to mantas trip, an experience of a lifetime. So many critters and at Manta Alley dozens of mantas so close, it felt like I was being touched by the angels, thank you to the dive guides. Very enjoyable trip. Diving, food, boat, accommodations and staff all wonderful. The staff is always pleasant but also ready to engage in conversation, helpful and fun. Nice to be always informed and included in all that is going on. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Boat: clean, beautiful and well maintained. Loved seeing the crew work as a team to put the sails up. That was something very special. Diving: could not have ever imagined I would see new things after diving for 30 years. Crew: above and beyond thank you for everything from the greetings on… Divemaster Ronald has extraordinary eyes, like an eagle. Food: all excellent. Wonderful meals, great job. Thank you dearly for the B-Day cake, yummy.