Trip of our life! It was a hard decision to book this trip because it was too much money for us. But we did it never the less! And I had a wish list and my dream came true. Starting with a Wonderpuss and Mimic octopus, going on with a hairy frogfish, black manta and at last – my heart forgot to beat – the Mola Mola! I will never forget all these moments in my life. Everything was much more than perfect. I hope I will not wake up! We cannot imagine getting better comfort on any other liveaboard. The boat – we enjoyed the relaxed situation onboard, without missing any comfort. The diving – briefings very detailed, divemasters did a really good job. The crew – all the staff were very competent and kind. Hopefully Bayu and Budi are still here when we come back to enjoy their service. Exceptional!!! The food – thank you for preparing my vegetarian food and special wishes.