It’s like a restaurant; order up a rare Pontohi seahorse – tick! Blue ringed octopus – tick! Ok and mating walking sharks on a gorgeous sunset dive – tick, tick, tick! Oh and if you need a good pit boss for liars dice, Bayu is your man! Can’t say enough about the staff. They make or break a ship and you all were exceptional! Diving was mind blowing. Saw several things on my bucket list and…fornicating walking sharks!!! The boat – very spacious rooms never smelled musty like other liveaboards. The diving – don’t know where to begin. EPIC!!! All the way around. The crew – could not have been more friendly and knowledgeable. From tender drivers, to chefs, to DMs ALL smiling, helpful and great at their jobs. The food – customer service, cappuccinos, noodles, eggs, brownie dessert etc all wonderful.