I would even do the same trip again as the variety is so big, I could not see everything or even remember. Debbie and Jerry play an important role in my view – they are an excellent team, always friendly, they work with passion, not for the money, that makes a big difference … I came with the experience of 24 dives in 18 years, so an absolute beginner; after 42 dives with the Arenui in 12 days I am leaving with a new kind of experience … Like one dive; Jerry pointed at a beautiful coral tree, I looked at it and was impressed by its beauty, but he realized that I obviously did not see what he wanted to show me – He pointed again and I looked closer and closer and suddenly the coral became alive; a pygmy seahorse smaller than a centimeter, only to be seen by someone who already knows that it exists! The diving – Jerry really looked after his people, I felt always safe with him and he showed me things I would never have seen/found on my own! The crew – it was a real team! Everyone felt responsible for the well-being of any guest. Perfect! The food – excellent choice, variety with great ideas and creativity! Made with love! Self made croissants!