You can build a great boat (and you did). You can plan it out excellent itineraries (which you did). But without the best crew in Indonesia it wouldn’t set you apart from the rest. Treat them well they are your crown jewels. There I was enjoying a serene marine landscape when suddenly my zen state was disturbed by a cartwheeling truck axle a whipping chain and a desperate clawing man attached to the two. Ok that’s not true but this is: It became a game. We’d start the dive by saying Ronald find us a pygmy seahorse, and he would. Multiples. Once, 10 in a single fan. Never did he fail. It revolved in a battle of wills… who would tire of the game first? Dive after dive, smaller and smaller he found us pygmies. In the end he never stopped finding them and we never stopped wanting to see them. Boat: a well-designed and maintained boat. Great use of woods a warming and inviting set of spaces. Diving: the best. Crew: the crew is what sets the Arenui a part. They are family. They execute their tasks with professionalism and diligence but are smiling laughing and joking as well.