I would travel anywhere with the Arenui, the crew is fabulous, every single one!



What a great operation. Team worked very well together.

We can hardly wait to get back here, the divemasters are awesome and always tried to find you what you wanted to see.

I would not think of booking any other liveaboard in this part of the world other than THE ARENUI!

You have spoiled us and our travelers. Well done!!!



I don’t normally give so many top ranks at once – usually always room for improvement.

However, the Arenui crew and everything was so amazing that I had no other option then 10 out of 10. Can’t wait for my next visit.


The diving is world class, the only improvement would be on the tender engines.

The food was amazing, beyond the world class Komodo diving this was the next stand out from our week.

Excellent boat facilities.

This has been the best diving experience I have ever had, Famhi was a joy to be with in and out of the water.

Would love to visit Raja with you.


Everything was excellent, crew are all polite, helpful and friendly.

Best boat ever!


Nicest liveaboard I’ve been on Crew was fabulous.

5 out of 5


Everything was superb, friendly and amazing staff!


Amazing people, everyone always had a smile on their face,

Super polite and helpful crew.

It will be tough going back to the Caribbean, would love to come on any trip offered.



Great accommodations, loved the food choices.

Crew are helpful, happy and informative.

Incredible dives!


James Douglas

I can’t say enough good things about the trip/ boat.

Didn’t have to lift a finger for anything.

Excellent food, especially the soups are off the chart!!!

Amazing diving, great crew very pleasant and fun.

We will definitely be back, hopefully to Raja!!